Business Training Curriculum

User View

Code Title Duration (Days) Prerequisites
FTB-C-003 FINEOS AdminSuite Claims User View 3
FTB-P-004 FINEOS AdminSuite Payments Manager User View 2 FTB-C-003
FTB-P-005 FINEOS AdminSuite Billing User View 1 FTB-C-003
FTB-P-006 FINEOS AdminSuite Policy User View 1 FTB-C-003
FTB-C-013 FINEOS Claims for London Market 2

System Configuration

Code Title Duration (Days) Prerequisites
FTB-F-006 FINEOS System Configuration 4 FTB-C-003
FTB-F-009 Copy Live 1.5 FTB-F-006

User Interface Configuration

Code Title Duration (Days) Prerequisites
FTB-F-011 Introduction to FINEOS UI Configuration Facilities 0.5 FTB-C-003
FTB-F-012 FINEOS Configuration Files 1 FTB-F-011
FTB-F-013 FINEOS Screen Customizer 1 FTB-F-011
FTB-F-014 FINEOS Configuration Manager 1 FTB-F-011

Production Support Optimization

Code Title Duration (Days) Prerequisites
FTB-S-001 Production Support Optimization 2

Pre-Technical Training

Code Title Duration (Days) Prerequisites
FTT-C-001 Introduction to FINEOS for Technical Training 1.5

Technical Training Curriculum

Data Models

Code Title Duration (Days) Prerequisites
FTT-CI-002 FINEOS Digital Platform Data Model 1.5 FTB-C-003 FTB-F-006
FTT-CI-003 FINEOS Claims Data Model 1 FTT-CI-002
FTT-CI-004 FINEOS Claims & Payments Data Model 7 FTB-P-004 FTT-CI-003 FTT-CI-002
FTT-CI-007 FINEOS Billing Data Model 1 FTB-P-005 FTT-CI-002
FTT-CI-008 FINEOS Policy Administration System Data Model 2 FTB-P-006 FTT-CI-002

FINEOS Product Modules

Code Title Duration (Days) Prerequisites
FTT-CI-005 Introduction to Programming with FINEOS Business Objects 1.5 FTT-CI-002
FTT-CI-006 Portal Infrastructure 3 FTT-CI-005
FTT-CII-002 Document Production 1 FTT-CI-002 FTB-F-006
FTT-CII-003 E-Forms 1 FTB-C-003 FTT-CI-002 FTB-F-006
FTT-CII-004 Routing Rules 1 FTB-C-003 FTT-CI-002
FTT-CII-005 Rules Manager 1.5 FTB-F-006 FTT-CI-005