FINEOS Global Summit 2020: UPDATE

In light of the growing concerns around COVID-19, and the health and safety of our customers and staff, FINEOS has made the decision to postpone the in-person component of FINEOS Global Summit 2020. This difficult choice comes as result of receiving valuable feedback from our FINEOS Community via our short survey request, direct customer/partner communications and an assessment of health and safety guidelines from authorities. We are working to rebook this in-person Global Summit later in 2020. We will let you know dates as soon as we have that verified. Please be sure to contact The Ritz-Carlton to cancel your hotel reservation.

FINEOS is taking this juncture to bring our FINEOS Community a new digital-first event. We see this as an opportunity to explore additional ways to best connect with and continue to build our FINEOS Community. A modern, digital format will provide an opportunity for attendees to gain valuable information, interact with FINEOS and industry leaders in a new and compelling manner, and achieve access to all the recorded content from the event, contingent upon full cooperation with the speakers. We are targeting March 31, 2020 for this event. Look for more details to follow.

Every year FINEOS looks forward to seeing our FINEOS Community in person at our annual Global Summit and sharing new developments, pondering industry questions and connecting with past and new friends and colleagues. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we join the global community in traversing this unique episode in world health.

If you have any questions, please contact us at