FINEOS Signs Partnership with National Electronic Attachment, Inc.

FINEOS Claims for Dental enhanced with Electronic Claim Attachment Capabilities

FINEOS Corporation, a global provider of innovative enterprise software solutions for insurance, bancassurance, and government, today announced a partnership agreement with National Electronic Attachment (NEA), a provider of market leading solutions for electronic claims attachments. The agreement will enable FINEOS to deliver a more complete solution to the payer community and also allow it to increase its electronic transactions capabilities.

FINEOS Claims for Dental, which was launched last year, is a comprehensive solution for dental insurers and payers that manages every step of the claims process from intake through payments to reserves management. The solution offers payers the agility to innovate the way they do business – empowering them with systems that are flexible enough to add and accommodate changes to product definition, plan design and internal processing policies. Moreover, the partnership with NEA will also support integration with other insurance lines of business enabling other FINEOS Claims clients to take advantage of the time and cost savings that electronic attachments afford.

Michael Kelly, CEO FINEOS Corporation welcomed the agreement with NEA. “Adopting this technology is part of our ongoing commitment to enhance our product offerings. This will benefit FINEOS clients by saving them time and money processing insurance claims by eliminating paperwork and reducing the costs associated with filing dental claims.”

NEA markets and supports Internet-based solutions for the healthcare industry. Its’ systems are designed to make insurance attachment submissions and processing as easy as possible for the patient, the provider and the payer. NEA’s FastAttach product enables dental offices to transmit dental attachments (x-rays, perio charting, intra-oral pictures, narratives and EOBs), via the Internet, to the NEA repository where they can be viewed in support of the electronic claim adjudication process. In this way, FastAttach accelerates claim processing and eliminates the need and cost to duplicate and mail x-rays and other necessary attachments.

“Electronic claim attachments through the FastAttach program streamlines the process for providers who deal with FINEOS payer clients,” said Thomas Hughes, President of NEA. “We look forward to working with FINEOS to bring our innovative technologies together to provide an industry-leading solution to the dental market.”

About NEA
NEA, is the recognized leader in electronic claims attachments. NEA offers systems designed to make insurance attachment submissions and processing as easy as possible for the Patient, the Provider and the Payer. After processing millions of electronic attachments, NEA’s knowledge of the attachment industry is recognized by healthcare experts throughout the country. For more information on how to use the NEA FastAttach system, visit the NEA Web site at


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