Nationale-Nederlanden, in the Netherlands, upgrades to the FINEOS Cloud Platform

FINEOS Corporation Ltd, the market-leading provider of core systems for Life, Accident and Health insurance, announced today that Dutch Insurer,  Nationale-Nederlanden (NN) has upgraded from their on-premise FINEOS Claims system and gone live on the FINEOS Platform, in the cloud.  The completion of the FINEOS Cloud adoption plan enables NN to benefit from the security, scalability and value delivered by FINEOS Cloud.

“Nationale-Nederlanden has successfully employed FINEOS Claims on premise for a number of years. The decision to upgrade to the platform underscores a strategic objective for us as we recognised early on in this process the benefits we will achieve by being based on the latest version of FINEOS in the cloud.  However, our key objective always resides with our customers and we look forward to providing them with a continuously improving digital experience, enhanced security and privacy.” said Eline Lejeune, Senior Manager Bodily injury Nationale-Nederlanden.

Used by over 50 insurance carriers in the Life, Accident and Health space, FINEOS Claims is a best in class, customer centric, web-based claims processing software solution.  The FINEOS Platform supports group, voluntary and individual business and is deployed by carriers of all sizes.

Once an insurance carrier upgrades to the FINEOS Platform they can adopt the complete FINEOS AdminSuite, an integrated core administration  system that consists of absence, claims, payments, billing, provider , and policy  administration — all of which are configurable to operate independently or optimally as a complete  core suite.  Also included in the FINEOS Platform are FINEOS Engage for API-enabled digital engagement and FINEOS Insight for real-time analytics that utilize core system data to enable business insights and automation.

“The opportunity to deepen our partnership with Nationale-Nederlanden and support their move to our cloud platform delivers real tangible benefits and opens up new possibilities for our future collaboration.  We are delighted with the success of this upgrade and our ongoing partnership,” said Michael Kelly, CEO of FINEOS Corporation.

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