What is Claims Management Software?

Claims management software is a software designed to automate and streamline the process of managing insurance claims. Insurance companies use claims software to manage claims more efficiently and effectively, reducing costs and improving customer service.

Shaping the Future of Claims Managment

FINEOS Claims is not just an option but a critical tool for business success. Utilized by over 50 insurance organizations worldwide, FINEOS Claims supports both group and individual claims on a single platform. It’s been successfully implemented by carriers of all scales, from small departmental teams to extensive operations handling millions of claims.

Best-of-Breed Approach

Beneva had to decide on a new group insurance ecosystem, and select a best-of-breed approach, in which FINEOS was chosen for Life and Disability Claims.

Learn how the integration of FINEOS Claims into their global group insurance ecosystem enabled Beneva to navigate the complex and regulated landscape of group insurance claims and deliver simplified service to its plan sponsors and plan members while enhancing its bottom line.

Maximizing Benefits, Minimizing Claims Management Effort

Empower your insurance organization with FINEOS Claims management software, offering superior customer service, deep insight, streamlined administration, and improved claimant outcomes.

  • Offer superior customer service
  • Gain insight
  • Improve claims administration
  • Achieve better claimant outcomes

Deliver superior customer service with an effective claims processing solution

With the right claims processing software, you can:

  • Increase your knowledge of customers
  • Build trust
  • Increase customer retention

Gain valuable data insights to adapt and improve your claims processes

Learn how you can:

  • Optimize and reconfigure the claims process to meet changing circumstances
  • Accurately forecast reserves
  • Improve understanding of customer lifetime value

A single comprehensive application for efficient claims administration

Insurance claims management software can help your business improve claims administration:

  • Improve customer service
  • Gain full and detailed audit trails
  • Automate standard processes

Novarica Market Navigator Report Validates FINEOS as Market Leader

Claims gained ground as one of the most critical capabilities an insurer needs to meet heightened customer expectations.

Claims Management Resources

Claims Management Webinars

FINEOS AdminSuite

FINEOS Absence

  • Absence management software
  • Integrated with FINEOS Claims
  • Covered paid and unpaid leaves
  • Simplifies Compliance
Absence Management Software

FINEOS Billing

  • Billing management solution
  • Combined or separate bills
  • Reduced billing leakage
  • Automated cash application
Billing Management Solution


  • Claims management software
  • Provides straight-through processing
  • Increases accuracy and compliance
  • Covers payments and return to work
Claims Management Software

FINEOS Payments

  • Payments management solution
  • Automated
  • Accurate
  • Payroll Continuity
Payments Management Solution


  • Policy admin system
  • Set up cases quickly
  • Service all tiers and admin modes
  • Connect to digital ecosystem
Policy Administration System

FINEOS Provider

  • Provider management software
  • Drive outcome-orientated engagement
  • Manage service approvals
  • Accelerate rehabilitation and return to work
Provider Management Software


  • Group insurance quoting software
  • Fast Life, Accident and Health quoting
  • Extend quoting to distribution
  • Comprehensive workflow
Insurance Quoting Software


  • Group insurance rating software
  • Real-time data manipulation
  • Automated complex rating
  • Award-wining, patented technology
Insurance Rating Software

FINEOS Underwrite

  • Group insurance underwriting software
  • Integrated underwriting tools
  • Efficient collaboration
  • Comprehensive quote management
Insurance Underwriting Software

FINEOS Claims Management Software – Frequently Asked Questions

A vital component within claims management is claims administration, encompassing all administrative facets of the claims procedure, including documentation, paperwork, and effective collaboration with claims administrators or adjusters to maintain seamless communication

Claim management in healthcare refers to the process of handling and overseeing medical insurance claims from the point of submission to the final resolution of payment. This process involves checking if the request is correct, processing it, making sure it follows the insurance rules, and deciding how much should be given.

Claims management software can have many benefits for business including superior customer support, better claimant outcomes and, improved claims administration. Businesses can also gain insight through accurately forecast reserves and improved understanding of customer lifetime value with claims processing software.

FINEOS has over 50 Life, Accident and Health insurance customers globally; including 7 of the top 10 group life and health carriers in the US and 6 of the top 10 life and health carriers in Australia.

FINEOS Claims Management software integrates seamlessly with FINEOS Absence software providing a full absence management solution.

The FINEOS IDAM solution holistically addresses absence management, claims management, payments and policy administration.

FINEOS Claims is the leading Life, Accident and Health customer-centric, web-based claims management software for both group and individual.

Yes, our insurance claims management solution supports both group and individual life.

Paid leave, unpaid leave and disability are integrated within FINEOS Claims.

FINEOS Claims Management software improves claims outcomes by streamlining eligibility management and driving operational efficiency.

Our claims management solution reduces claims administration costs by increasing process accuracy, reducing redundancy, and enabling faster service, fewer staff, and fewer calls.

FINEOS Claims software integrates processes for HIPAA compliance, ERISA, Social Security and Unfair Claims Practice statutes and has ACORD-compliant interfaces, offering streamlined reporting, automated claim file assembly and easy access to change history.

FINEOS Claims via FINEOS Engage provides omnichannel access with real-time insights.