An Insight into working at FINEOS - Silicon Republic

In the employer insights series on Silicon Republic, Michael Kelly, CEO at FINEOS, provides an insight into what it’s like to work at the large Irish-born software development company.

All of FINEOS’ software is developed in Ireland, making this an attractive workplace for designers and developers based in the country who want to see their work implemented at a global scale.

The company serves more than 50 clients in nine countries around the world, including life and health insurance companies and government agencies, providing solutions for claims processing. In all, this adds up to technology that supports thousands of users worldwide.

At corporate headquarters in EastPoint Business Park, Dublin, the firm has built a modern, collaborative environment for its teams.

FINEOS is currently seeking new recruits for all areas of the software process, from design, performance and architecture, to application development and testing, as well as sales people with an understanding of insurance and software. Likely candidates need to have the right team-player attitude, as well as an enthusiasm for what they do.

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