Are You Maximising Your FINEOS Claims Solution?

Fergal Heffernan, Customer Engagement Manager – EMEA, FINEOS

We all like to get maximum benefit from our assets. It’s why we put extensions on our houses or maintain our cars with regular servicing.

Insurance companies are well practised in leveraging assets, ensuring that investments are fully optimized for maximum return.

In FINEOS, our goal is to ensure that customers are getting the very most from their software investment.

Our experience tells us that for customers, once the project teams have dissolved and moved away, there is still far more benefit to be fully leveraged from the new Claims solution.

Let me explain how this happens and how we can fulfil maximum benefit:

Rightly, the first number of phases of and initial project implementation are focussed on delivering to business specifications. Making sure agreed timelines are adhered to and within the allocated budget are key. Project success is mostly measured by these criteria and the people involved are therefore judged accordingly.

However, project success does not always necessarily equal automatic business success. True, some of those more diligent project sponsors do follow up on promised measurements, but even they may not be fully maximising the potential of their enterprise solution.

The key issue is that these measurement criteria are formed before implementation, before we see the behaviour of staff, management and customers using the system. Often, it is impossible to envisage how exactly this dynamic of people and system usage will play out, until it actually does.

I strongly believe that there are massive gains in terms of efficiency, leakage prevention and customer service enhancements to be realised after the project is over and the solution is bedded in. Furthermore, we have evidence where customers have done just this by using the following types of services from FINEOS:

  • Product/ Business Review Consulting exercises
  • Training Services
  • New features in product upgrades

In every project, we fulfil the project and business case objectives. However, even when this is completed, there remains untapped potential in your investment that with guidance can add serious business benefit and investment return with relatively little effort.

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