Celebrating International Women's Day 2022 - A Conversation with Kate Costello

How do you continue to grow professionally?

I continue to learn new skills and take on new challenges, such as trying another role which allows me to gain experience and knowledge. I think it’s important to keep track of your progress and spend time to reflect.

What role did you start and what role are you in now?

I started in FINEOS as a Graduate Test Engineer in 2014. I then moved to FINEOS New Zealand as a Business Consultant in 2017, where I spent most of my time on site working on a customer site on their transformation program. I then moved into the Scrum Master role in late 2019 for the customer project, before moving into product as a Scum Master. I moved back home to Ireland in December last year, where I am currently working as a Scrum Master in product.

Which was your favourite role and why?

Scrum Master, its lots of multi-tasking and no day is the same. I did really enjoy my consulting role because I liked working with our customers so closely and being involved in their successes.

What stands out as one of your proudest professional moments over your career?

There isn’t one particular moment however I believe I have achieved a lot in my 7 years in IT so far and I just want to continue learning and challenging myself.

If you could time travel what advice would you give your younger self in advance of starting their journey at FINEOS?

I think I would say just got for it. FINEOS are very encouraging if you want to try something new or take on a different role. I have had 3 different roles in just under 8 years. I also had the amazing opportunity to work in APAC for four years. I think if you want something go and get it and don’t shy away from it.

Describe what you like about working in FINEOS in 5 words or less

Opportunity, encouraging, challenging, flexibility and team work.

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