Celebrating International Women's Day 2022 - A Conversation with Megan Holstein

What inspired you to pursue the career path you are on?

People spend so much of their lives at work. A career in employee benefits and leave is a motivating way to feel I’m making a positive impact in society and to also pursue my interests of employment law, human resources, and policy. When my career path intersected with the software aspect of employee benefits and leave it gave me a new and challenging way to utilize my employment law expertise and enter the emerging field of “regtech”.

What does a typical day look like for you?

No two days are the same. I spend time providing input on a single feature, to a chartering epic, to designing the product strategy, including roadmap and marketing. I’m meeting with customers and industry professionals. I spend time researching regulations and market needs as well. I also spend a fair amount of time providing thought leadership articles and presentations. When a product sale emerges, I attend product demos with our sales colleagues.

Who is a woman who made a positive impact on your career?

I have been fortunate to have so many women impact my career. But the single person who changed the trajectory of my career is Care Enichen. She is a former Boulder County Judge who took a chance on me several times. Once when she hired me with no experience, straight out of college to be her courtroom clerk and again when I was applying to law schools and the University of Colorado School of Law’s Dean of Admissions was in her courtroom, she called him up and asked him to make sure to take a careful look at my application. I’ll never know for sure if her nudge is the reason I was accepted to CU’s Law School, but knowing someone believed in me like she did is something I’m always trying to pay forward.

What stands out as one of your proudest professional moments over your career?

Transitioning from solely a lawyer role to one of a business leader, leveraging all of my legal skills, but branching out to a more business and company-wide mentality as my current role challenges me to do every single day.

If you could time travel what advice would you give your younger self in advance of starting their journey at FINEOS

Always come to the table with at least one solution. We face so many challenges in our industry and with our customers that it’s easy to present problems. The most successful people understand that the problems encountered at work are opportunities to grow, learn, and find success by looking for solutions. Being solution-minded also helps mentally so that you don’t fall prey to negativity.

Describe what you like about working in FINEOS in 5 words or less

Working with super-smart, witty colleagues

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