Celebrating International Women's Day 2022 - A Conversation with Paula McGrath

What inspired you to pursue the career path you are on?

My parents helped guide my degree choice which as turned out to be a good fit.  I’ve found the software industry provides lots of opportunities to learn new skills; take on different/new challenges; try out different roles.

What does a typical day look like for you?

In my current role of security and compliance, I split the day into 4 parts (the amount of time in each depends on the day). The first part is to do with compliance which includes processing NDAs, docsite requests, license key requests, BreakGlass requests, arranging compliance training (anti-harassment etc), and maintaining the customer hub; the second part is to do with customers and their third party management program, they submit queries/questionnaires regularly (109 last cy); the next part is to do with our third party management program and the fourth part is leading the FINEOS information security program, which includes supporting the information security council; managing the security policies program, the security risk log and the security incidents.

Who is a woman who made a positive impact on your career?

My mother and her sisters who do not work in IT but whose values, attitudes and drive to be successful no matter what you are doing both gave me a similar approach.  They never saw barriers, they only saw opportunities.

How do you define success?

Meeting the goal, raising the boat for all.

What role did you start and what role are you in now?

My first role was software engineer, now in security and compliance.

What stands out as one of your proudest professional moments over your career?

Every time a really challenging project has gone live (and I’ve had a few of those) that makes me feel very proud of the team and what we achieved for the business.

If you could time travel what advice would you give your younger self in advance of starting their journey at FINEOS?

Don’t assume people can mind read, communicate with stakeholders in the most appropriate medium for them, don’t assume that telling them once is enough.  Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Describe what you like about working in FINEOS in 5 words or less

People pull together

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