Driving Operational Excellence

Fergal Heffernan, Customer Engagement Manager, FINEOS

The last presentation of the FINEOS Claims Global Summit 2013 was from Paul Barry, Head of Customer Management at FINEOS. Speaking last is a difficult job, as it turned out, not as difficult as Alaskan crab fishing (officially the hardest job in the world according to Paul’s research on Google).

The core message in Paul’s presentation centred on how customers can achieve Operational Excellence from their existing FINEOS implementation by leveraging new product modules, upgrading product and/or availing of the Consulting Services available from FINEOS. In short, how can FINEOS help our customers use claims technology to gain a further competitive edge, to reduce administration costs and potentially reduce liability payments.

Throughout the FINEOS Claims Global Summit, customers were exposed to many new product initiatives and services from FINEOS. Undoubtedly, these will further improve the Claims organisation but in the cold reality of schedules, project priorities, costs, resourcing etc. what is the actual next step for our customers to achieve Operational Excellence.

To this end, Paul presented a proven framework from FINEOS on how to begin the continuous journey to Operational Excellence. This is a cost effective, low risk and high return model of identifying an organisations target operating model and setting out a collaborative plan. This is achieved by utilising the capabilities in FINEOS product suite and services.

Examples of popular initiatives from the engagements done to date are:  review the claim structure (use of sub cases), simplify processes, task consolidation and document template consolidation. Opportunities now exist where they perhaps didn’t at project time, either because of time/cost pressures or new features in FINEOS that will address that.

So what is the next step for our customers?

Paul outlined the role of Customer Management in FINEOS and how this channel can be used to move this forward. Customer Management is the touchpoint to access a range of services and products from FINEOS:

  • FINEOS Product suite (including roadmap features/modules)
  • FINEOS Production Monitoring Service
  • FINEOS Corporate University
  • FINEOS Operational Excellence Program

The final “call to action” from this presentation was to encourage all of our customers to engage with their allocated Customer Engagement Manager and help us to help you to best utilise any or all of the great offerings from FINEOS.

It was apt that this presentation was the final one – much easier than Alaskan crab fishing!

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