FINEOS Perspective: Who is a London Market Claims System For?

Tim Crossley, London Market Sales Manager, FINEOS

What should occur when claims are made?  Shouldn’t the supporting technology be providing value to clients and claims handlers alike?  A recent launch press release by a technology vendor didn’t mention the client once.

The friendly, face-to-face approach to claims has a lot going for it.  It’s been going on since quills became pens – and typewriters became PCs.  Now you can sit across the desk with tablet in hand.  Being yourself, being personal, being encouraging.

Build on the shared history between you and your reputation for fast and fair claims handling.  Work those communication skills.  Show that you have your own way of doing things.  Show that you’re way in front of the pack, but never forget teamwork. Remember Lizzie Armistead and the remarkable women’s road race at the Olympics?

All this is necessary.  Think about the supply chains and the logistics of the clients we are servicing.  They are becoming more and more complex, as are the inter-relationships and diversity of the participants on the claim.  So we have to make sure that everyone is aligned and acting to ensure the best outcome.

To ensure alignment, we need exceptional data quality, a single version of the truth.  Technology is our friend.  It’s there to prompt, to remind handlers to ask the right questions at the right time – capturing the relevant information that ensures a fair outcome.

We want faster, more consistent results built on closer relationshops with clients.  A modern claims system underpins this.  Don’t just ask us – ask our clients, and, most importantly, ask their clients.

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