Scalability: Not Just a Technology Buzzword Anymore

Korie Jackson, Technical Consultant Stream Lead NA, FINEOS

In today’s software implementations, a common approach is to implement in different phases.  This is the case with most FINEOS engagements.  The key to a phased approach is to think long-term, and scalability is a key component to that.  Strategic planning around infrastructure, integrations, and application functionality are key to realizing a ROI with a FINEOS implementation.  Smart decisions up-front often lead to lower costs down the road.

When sizing a FINEOS implementation, it’s critical to allow for growth around end-users utilizing the system, products put on system, and integrations to the system. Where you start to see significant savings is when you can consolidate multiple platforms or systems to one.  I would  call this the one company, one system approach.  This is often the case in FINEOS implementations and a catalyst for scalability.

During the planning and design stages of an engagement, FINEOS provides  guidance on scaling your infrastructure and integrations to meet your needs and capacity two and five years down the road.  As previously mentioned, implementations often take a phased approach, with the migrating of more products or functionality on the FINEOS Claims platform during latter phases. So, instead of having to customize or extend an integration every phase, plan appropriately up front during the design and save money down the road.  This was the case in a recent FINEOS implementation where the design planning around scalability for an integration to the admin system for Phase 1, caused no work for Phase 2.  Don’t pigeon hole yourself into thinking of how you do business today, but allow yourself room to grow for your business tomorrow.

Remember scalability isn’t just a technology buzzword anymore, it’s your path to that much desired ROI.

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