Simplify the Complex Landscape of Absence Management with FINEOS Absence. Step 1 - Registration.

Registration is the first step to managing leave within FINEOS Absence.

FINEOS Absence helps to simplify the employer identification and verification process for absence management.  As the system walks through the registration step, the first of its simple 5 step process, it qualifies specific employee and employer required information.  This leave request data is documented within the system and triggers requests for any missing information in order for FINEOS Absence to make a determination for adjudication.   All registration information can be submitted by phone and/or a secure web portal log in.

The FINEOS Absence system also ensures timely reporting during registration. For example, an employee might verbally notify their employer about their absence before or after formally reporting it. FINEOS Absence asks specific questions and documents whether or not the employer has been notified to help ensure timely reporting and documentation of all relevant information related to the absence request.

FINEOS Absence helps you manage the ongoing regulatory disruption of absence management. With this tool, carriers can help their customers/employers handle all absence requests while staying compliant with regulation and reporting.   Stay tuned to the FINEOS blog for more! If you’d like to have a conversation about FINEOS Absence, please reach out to me directly at

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