State Legislatures Double Down on Mandatory Paid Leave Trend – The Any Reason Absence

Leave of absence is nothing if not trendy, and two new laws in Nevada and Maine could kick off the latest in a series of novel employer leave requirements.  Five or so years ago, paid sick and safe leave burst onto the scene, bringing with it a steady stream of new laws that hasn’t yet abated, mandating that employers provide accrual-based paid time off for common illnesses, routine medical needs, and needs related to domestic violence.  Around the same time, pregnancy accommodation laws became a hot topic, with numerous states requiring that employers accommodate workers – which can include providing a reasonable leave of absence – for conditions related to pregnancy. Soon after, states began the work of putting together complex paid family leave programs, with multiple states enacting new programs, and more on the horizon.

Two news laws in Nevada and Maine, enacted within mere weeks of each other, could foretell the newest trend in employer mandates – mandatory paid time off for any reason or no reason. Nevada’s law, Senate Bill 312, signed by the Governor on June 12 goes into effect January 1, 2020. Maine’s law, Senate Bill 110, signed by the Governor on May 28, goes into effect on January 1, 2021. Learn more about the new laws below:

Nevada Maine
Covered Employer Employers with 50 or more employees in private employment Employers with more than 10 employees for more than 120 days in any calendar year
Eligible Employees & Exceptions Employees can use paid leave beginning on the 90th calendar day of employment Employees can use paid leave beginning on the 120th calendar day of employment
Entitlement  0.01923 hours of paid leave for every hour of work (0.77 hours for every 40 worked) One hour of paid leave for every 40 hours of work
Maximum Annual Use 40 hours per year 40 hours per year
Carryover to Following Year Yes, up to 40 hours per year Not specified
Minimum Increment of Use An employer may set a minimum increment of paid leave, not to exceed 4 hours Not specified


Will these new laws remain the exception to the rule, will they set the stage for a new string of open-ended any reason paid leave laws? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, FINEOS has solutions.

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