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FINEOS AdminSuite is a modern core administration solution designed specifically for group, voluntary and individual insurance, as well as public sector accident compensation insurance. FINEOS AdminSuite is comprised of pre-integrated, best-of-breed components – FINEOS Billing, FINEOS Claims, FINEOS Absence and FINEOS Policy Administration. Each component can be deployed standalone within an insurer’s existing application environment, or as part of a complete end-to-end suite solution leveraging shared comprehensive customer data and process management. This flexible approach to project management and implementation enables customers to approach deployment incrementally based on readiness, comfort level, and budget to reduce risk, while ensuring the benefits of an integrated suite can be immediately realized with full transformation completed on a company-specific timeline.

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Recorded FINEOS Webinar

Why open core? 3 reasons why your current systems won't cut it in the API economy


For Life, Accident and Health Insurers, the days of one IT platform ruling over all are behind us. Core systems must be more flexible and open than ever before in order for companies to provide the best possible customer service, while attracting and retaining customers in an ever more competitive world. Listen to this webinar to hear insights from leading industry experts that will help you to compete and win in the new, API-driven market.

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Overview Video

Take a closer look at FINEOS AdminSuite designed specifically for:

  • Group and Worksite Benefits
  • Life (Group and Individual)
  • Accident Compensation
  • Medical and Health

Bookending as a Strategic Option

The FINEOS AdminSuite fully supports a “bookending” approach to application renovation that reduces risk for insurers while increasing value to customers and partners. FINEOS AdminSuite enables insurers to focus on critical customer issues first, such as claims, billing and customer service, and then tackle the more complex, longer term issue of policy system replacement and conversion as the business case presents itself.

Bookending recognizes that people and outcomes are the best design point for both personal, consumer-facing mobile apps, and enterprise systems. Users’ roles and goals provide context for process flows that cross traditional application boundaries and provide the foundation to support users’ interaction across all channels in which they may need to interact (email, mobile, telephone, tablet, etc.), or an omni-channel strategy.

Bookending is beneficial both short and long term, as it assumes that:

  • The needs of the enterprise will continue to grow and change
  • Transformation projects take time, and that
  • There will always be external systems that must become part of the process ecosystem.

Designed to Support Bookending

The FINEOS Digital Platform’s powerful process management and integration capabilities enable insurers to include existing applications between the bookends of billing, claims and service today, minimizing the rework necessary when it comes time to replace those components in the longer term.

Our experience in deploying FINEOS Claims and the FINEOS Digital Platform solutions to our 50+ customers in their existing ecosystems gives us a unique perspective on leveraging existing systems

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