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FINEOS Claims is a best-in-class, customer-centric, web-based claims processing software solution.  Used globally by over 50 insurance organizations, FINEOS Claims supports both group and individual claims on a single platform. It has been deployed by carriers of all sizes, from small departmental claims teams to large teams with thousands of users and millions of claims. Scroll down to see the benefits your organization can enjoy from using FINEOS Claims.


FINEOS Claims FastTrack

FINEOS Claims FastTrack is a rapid, fixed time and effort, out-of-the-box implementation that helps carriers deploy quickly and economically without losing the extensive additional capabilities that FINEOS Claims provides. Delivered as a cloud service, FINEOS Claims FastTrack is fully configured with a carrier’s product and ready for production within 60 days. The product includes standard integration points for leading industry third-party CRM, Document Management, and Financial software products, as well as standard integration points for in-house systems such as Policy Administration.

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Up and running in 60 days

Upcoming FINEOS Webinar

Why are you not a Digital Insurer?

Thursday January 26 – 11am ET/8am PT

For over twenty years, internet technology has been transforming industries by enabling digital sales and service. It’s now hard to remember when Amazon was just an online bookstore, as it has grown into the world’s largest internet retailer by both total sales and market capitalization. Other industries have followed including travel, media, and banking; often incorporating digital channels into a broader service model. While insurers have invested in digital sales and marketing technology, digital service continues to lag behind other industries. This proves especially true in Life, Disability, and Absence claims, where fragmented technology and compliance concerns continue to dominate the service model.

Join Jonathan Boylan, Chief Technology Officer for FINEOS, who examines why Life and Health insurers lag behind other industries in digital service and shows how you can leverage the FINEOS Insurance Cloud today to shake off your legacy shackles.

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Key Benefits

Built on the FINEOS Digital Platform, FINEOS Claims delivers measurable benefits to insurance organizations across a range of key business areas.

Superior Customer Service

  • Know your customer
  • Keep them informed and serve them quickly
  • Give them secure access
  • Build trust
  • Give advice and guidance
  • Increase customer retention by 20%
  • Increase claimants contacted within target times by 10%

Insight & Improvement

  • Optimize and reconfigure the claims process to meet changing circumstances
  • Accurately forecast reserves
  • Improve understanding of lifetime value of customers
  • Improve pricing precision

Solution Innovation

  •   New, consumer-driven business models provide fresh opportunities
  •   Collaboration and access via individual FINEOS Viewpoints
  •   Mobile access – anytime, anyplace, anywhere
  •   Single point of access removes silos and integrates all information
  •   Flexible deployment: On-premise, Cloud, SaaS

Efficient Claims Administration

  • Reduce overall claims administrative costs by 15%
  • Increase claim handler productivity by 10-25%
  • Phenomenal growth accommodated – easier to train staff
  • Rapid path to effectiveness
  • Improved staff efficiency and empowerment – lower staff turnover

Better Claimant Outcomes

  • Reduce claims duration through improved rehabilitation and return to work
  • Consistent file handling led to nearly 100% payment accuracy
  • Improve reserve accuracy through tighter claims management
  • A new Recovery Model delivered over AUS $250 million in actuarial release from the reduction in claims liabilities
  • Improve your claims outcomes – for everyone, the claimant, the employer and for you, the insurer

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