AI in Insurance: The Benefits and Pitfalls of Automation

Can actuarial AI models really be as effective as humans? View this session “AI in Insurance: The Benefits and Pitfalls of Automation” for an expert debate on this topic. Session took place during the Society of Actuaries Health Meeting in June 2021.

In this panel discussion, experts address the potential benefits and pitfalls of using AI and debate whether AI should be used for risk management, where boundaries should lie between actuarial and non-actuarial AI, and how insurance professionals can ensure governance and transparency of AI efforts.

  • Alan LeardFINEOS, Chief Innovation Officer
  • Andy Schafer – Principal, AVP and Actuary
  • Kashif Mahbub – Ushur, SVP Marketing
  • Alex TerryFINEOS, Director of Expert Services, Actuary (moderator)

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