Customer Case Study: Nationale-Nederlanden Leverages FINEOS Platform to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Nationale-Nederlanden, a leading insurance and asset management company, acquired the Delta Lloyd Group in 2017. Nationale-Nederlanden Personenschade, a shared service center handling Nationale-Nederlanden’s bodily injury claims, took the merger opportunity to further their migration to the cloud in order to increase productivity, business agility, and improve customer and employee experiences.

After in-depth analysis, Nationale-Nederlanden Personenschade chose FINEOS Claims built on the cloud-based FINEOS Platform. “One large vendor had a very broad package,” says Jeroen Bos, Nationale-Nederlanden Senior Manager of IT for Small and Medium Enterprise, regarding the decision,” but you have to do a lot of additional programming to cover specialized processes like bodily injury. Also, it’s not integrated with a document management system. You can have that system as a backbone, but you have to tie it to a separate archive. The other major contender was a high-priced option. In the end, FINEOS was more integrated and all-inclusive, keeping add-ons to a minimum.”

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