Empowering cancer patients: A collaborative approach in healthcare

In this video, Chuck Johnston from FINEOS and Tim Atkins from Osara Health tackle the topic of holistic care in the insurance industry, particularly for cancer patients. They delve into the importance of patient empowerment and engagement, and how these aspects contribute to better clinical outcomes and cost efficiency. The discussion also explores the significant role of caregivers, the emerging trends in digital health, and the impact of their partnership on enhancing the care experience for cancer patients.

    • The primary goal of Osara Health is to empower cancer patients by providing them with the necessary knowledge about their treatment and care, which in turn leads to better clinical outcomes.
    • Osara Health’s program has proven to significantly improve return-to-work rates and reduce the time it takes for patients to get back to work.
    • Osara Health has developed a caregiver program to support the often overlooked demographic of caregivers who are coping with their own mental health challenges while taking care of their loved ones.