FINEOS Response to APRA Information Paper: Outsourcing Involving Cloud Computing Services

FINEOS has prepared this whitepaper to articulate the FINEOS response to the questions raised by certain APRA requirements, specifically Outsourcing Involving Cloud Computing Services.

The intended audience of this whitepaper are those who are familiar with the related APRA information papers. Readers are not required to know all the details of the APRA information papers, however some knowledge would be advantageous.

For ease of reference, the format and structure of this document closely follows that of the information paper Outsourcing Involving Cloud Computing Service.

FINEOS Platform is a SaaS offering from FINEOS that provides a flexible, secure and cost-effective way of managing Life, Accident and Health Insurers’ claims. The service, which includes Claims, Policy Administration, Billing and other insurance services, is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is managed by FINEOS.

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