GroupTech Talks Podcast - Episode 004

Episode 004 | Shaping the Employee Benefits Industry; The FINEOS Acquisition of Limelight Health

In this episode of GroupTech Talks, Limelight Health Co-Founder and VP of Innovation Garrett Viggers sits down with Michael Kelly, Founder and CEO of FINEOS, and Jason T. Andrew, Co-Founder and CEO of Limelight Health, for an exclusive interview about the recent FINEOS acquisition of Limelight Health.

Topics Covered Include:

– How FINEOS first became interested in Limelight Health
– What this acquisition means for the employee benefits industry [00:36:22]
– How carriers can benefit from an end-to-end solution [00:36:22]
– The big “why” that motivates the work FINEOS and Limelight Health do [00:48:25]

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