FINEOS Webinar: The Evolution of Disability Claims Management

How Claims Handling Has Changed and Where it is Going.

Managing a disability claim is both an art and a science. On the artistic side, claims professionals have to interpret potentially complex and non-stable medical diagnoses against a backdrop of socio-economic issues, such as varying levels of job satisfaction and re-training needs. The scientific part of the job, then, is dealing with the complex environment created by regulatory compliance, internal business processes, and the calculations involved in applying the provisions of the disability plan accurately.

To do this successfully, carriers have always needed the proper resources combined with the most effective technology available to ensure an optimal outcome for the disabled claimant, the insurer and, in the case of group plans, the employer as well. Over the years, that technology has certainly changed, as it will continue to do.

Listen to industry experts in this 1 hour Webinar where they will discuss the past, present and future of disability claims management. Presenters will discuss the evolution of documentation, payments, and reporting and will highlight technological advancements available and in use today, as well as industry challenges and opportunities for advancement that they see coming in the future.

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