The Future of Employee Benefits

Employee engagement and satisfaction has become more and more crucial, especially in the current troubling times where employers need to move beyond benefits just as a competitive advantage in the talent marketplace. The need to provide a more holistic approach to employee benefits and employee services to ensure they are not only incented to work for the employer but also are able to show up and be productive, without undue worry about themselves and their families.

This is leading to more hybrid insurance/service offerings such as absence management, to provide that holistic approach. Insurance providers require a new breed of core systems that can work beyond the traditional boundaries of the usual products and deal with issues like family leave, work accommodations and a host of new products from pet insurance to tuition assistance to new pandemic related products.

In this session, Chuck Johnston, Chief Marketing Officer, FINEOS discusses the role of purpose built OpenCore systems and open ecosystems in providing the tools to meet these needs.

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