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FINEOS Insurance Cloud

The FINEOS Insurance Cloud is a comprehensive core systems insurance platform for Life, Accident & Health (LA&H) that provides the ecosystem, support and connectivity needed to implement your digital insurance strategy. It includes:

  • The FINEOS SaaS Cloud with public and private cloud support
  • The FINEOS AdminSuite: Billing, Claims, Absence and Policy Administration for LA&H insurers
  • The FINEOS Digital Platform; digital services designed specifically for LA&H
  • Pre-built connectors to complementary leading industry solutions
  • Rich API capability connecting to on premise and cloud-based solutions

The FINEOS Insurance Cloud goes beyond the hosted technology capabilities some core insurance system vendors are providing today to include deep content, rapid deployment, and a product-centric continuous improvement approach that keeps our customers current with new product releases, without expensive upgrade processes.

Supporting Digital Business Strategy

Insurers recognize the value of digital business and the capabilities provided by modern technology. They also recognize that they need to be positioned to take advantage of new business models that offer better service and care for their customers. At FINEOS, we believe a digital strategy for LA&H insurers must be:

  • Business focused – for new and existing business models
  • Person-centric – in context service simply and quickly
  • Consistent – same excellent experience every time

FINEOS Insurance Cloud brings together these elements to address the key outcomes you require to implement your modern, effective digital business strategy.

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FINEOS Digital Platform

The FINEOS Digital Platform is the comprehensive digital service, business process management and technology foundation for all products within our FINEOS AdminSuite. The FINEOS Digital Platform enables:

  • Omni-channel customer service and mobility strategies
  • Business analyser, process management and automation
  • Extensible LA&H insurance data model
  • Integrated predictive analytics

a closer look at fineos digital platform

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A Secure, Reliable and Compliant Solution

Designed and built specifically for the LA&H industry, the FINEOS Insurance Cloud secures insurers’ unique mix of financial and medical customer information for core systems processing. Hosted in HIPAA and ISO27001 compliant data centers, the FINEOS Insurance Cloud supports industry leading practices such as:

  • 24×7 availability and support service with continuous upgrades
  • Customer managed encryption keys
  • Extensive audit and compliance for complete dataset
  • Secure pre-production environments for
    • Configuration testing
    • Security testing
    • Training

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Quick to Deploy, Always Up To Date

The FINEOS Insurance Cloud leverages the best practices derived from working with over 50 leading insurers around the world and the innate advantages of a purpose built cloud ecosystem to provide a comprehensive solution with unique capabilities to our customers including:

  • Out of the box industry content
  • Prebuilt in-cloud integration capability
  • Quick implementation support
  • Upgrade as a service

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Partner Ecosystem

The FINEOS Insurance Cloud partner ecosystem is made up of leading insurance industry solutions that complement the FINEOS AdminSuite and make the FINEOS Insurance Cloud even more valuable and complete. Ecosystem partners include:

  • Microsoft
  • Smart Communications
  • MD Guidelines

Leveraging the API Economy

While the FINEOS Insurance Cloud partner ecosystem covers a broad range of capabilities, insurers will need to connect to their existing applications and a growing range of new partners. The FINEOS API connectors enable rich, simple, and secure connections to those applications and partners.


  • Designed to extend the FINEOS Insurance Cloud
  • Standardized, layered API methodology
  • Powerful API development tools

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