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The FINEOS Professional Services Team

The FINEOS Professional Services Team is focused on enabling our customers to realize tangible business benefits through the implementation of the FINEOS AdminSuite. Our award–winning product suite is complemented by our world class services team. We provide our customers and partners with the skills and support to successfully implement the FINEOS AdminSuite, and work with them continuously to ensure ongoing benefit realization.

Customer Focus

We focus on the customer – not just the project. We want you to be successful in deploying the FINEOS product that will deliver real value to your organization. Our team assists you in refining and re-engineering your business processes to enable you to realize the business benefits that come from the FINEOS AdminSuite.

The FINEOS Professional Services team brings a comprehensive skill set and proven leadership to every customer.


World Class Service Execution

Our customers look to our professional services team for the skills and support they require to implement the FINEOS AdminSuite and derive the business benefits they expect. When you work with the FINEOS team you can expect:

  • Delivery of quick wins and business benefits early via short project timelines
  • A product-centric implementation focused on solving business problems
  • An Agile Implementation approach
  • Small, experienced implementation team
  • Collaborative, straight-talking, cost-conscious approach to the project
  • Focus on customers and building long-term partnerships
  • Strong project governance, project planning, and risk management
  • Implementations aimed at lowering total cost of ownership
  • Planning for future AdminSuite upgrades

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