5 Steps to Simplify the Complexity of Absence Management and Paid Family Leave – Step 2, Adjudication

The second step to the FINEOS Absence simple 5 step process is Adjudication.  The adjudication step follows Registration (read my first blog on registration here), and helps to process the absence request. It specifies which absence leave plans the absence request qualifies for. For example, if someone is living in NY and they request time off to care for a sick family member, the request is adjudicated and the system indicates the specific leave plans the employee qualifies for, which in this case would be New York Paid Family Leave.  This step also rejects or approves the request and documents this detailed information in the system.

Adjudication also focuses on time management (how much time should be allowed/approved for time off or paid time off), qualifies specific paid benefits, and synchronizes payments to be made.  All this information is stored in a case document within the FINEOS Absence system, including relevant notes and contact information so that administrators can keep track and revisit specific absence request details at any time.

Today, more than ever, there is a need to be compliant, consistent, and aware of the business impacts and threats if compliance isn’t met.  Who will be responsible for this compliance in your company and how will they keep up with Federal, State, and Municipal leave offerings within the United States in addition to their specific employer leave offering?  How is your company going to be consistent and treat all employees fairly with all the different types of absence leave requests?   Register here to view a short webinar on this topic, “Is Paid Family Leave the Tipping Point for Digital Absence Management?”

There is a solution – FINEOS Absence

FINEOS Absence is a system providing a 5-step process that helps you manage the ongoing change within the absence management landscape.   With this tool, you can handle all your absence requests while staying compliant with regulation, reporting with a fair and consistent approach. If you’d like to learn more or discuss absence management in more detail, please contact me at Randi.Weir@FINEOS.com. Stay tuned for my next blog on step 3 – Manage Leave & Payments.

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