Celebrating International Women's Day 2022 - A Conversation with Subha Kalluri

What inspired you to pursue the career path you are on?

The flexibility that FINEOS offers, it is a great place to work. Recognition and the opportunities I have been afforded.

Who is a woman who made a positive impact on your career?

Women in my Product Consulting department, everyone is encouraging and treated fairly with opportunities

How do you define success?

Success is to enable employees to facilitate a happy environment and at the same time achieve project goals. Having a balanced work culture to support Employer, client and family is success to me.

What role did you start and what role are you in now?

I started as a junior contractor, became a permanent employee, moved from Junior to Senior and then Test Lead. I am now operating as Product Implementation lead supporting not only test but facilitation of Development members. In addition, I have the opportunity to cover project manager requirements at various times.

Which was your favourite role and why?

Product Implementation Lead (current role). Mainly due to the client-facing aspect, visibility from start to finish of the project, client interaction and mostly ensuring team members are happy and satisfied with their activities.

What stands out as one of your proudest professional moments over your career?

Becoming Product Implementation Lead and feedback from the team that we have been one of the most successful scrum teams across PC-PI with most of the agile practices in place and followed as per standards. To be honest, it is not just one moment, whenever you receive the inputs around a happy employee within the team, it is a proud moment.

If you could time travel what advice would you give your younger self in advance of starting their journey at FINEOS?

Ensure that your leader able to recognize your true efficiencies, as it is quite important for the growth of the individual to help to achieve your career goals.

Describe what you like about working in FINEOS in 5 words or less

Great place to work, flexible with lots of opportunities.

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