FINEOS marks National Reconciliation Week in Australia

As Australia marks National Reconciliation Week, FINEOS proudly joins a network of more than 1,100 corporate, government, and not-for-profit organisations that have made a formal commitment to reconciliation through the Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) program run by Reconciliation Australia. The RAP program has been providing a framework for organisations to support the national reconciliation movement since 2006. This movement seeks to address the wrongs done to Indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and to achieve a just, equitable and reconciled nation where the length and quality of a person’s life will not be determined by their racial background. The program’s potential for impact is greater than ever, with close to 3 million people now working or studying in an organisation with a RAP.  

FINEOS has been working with Reconciliation Australia for the last 6 months to develop our RAP. With nearly 100 employees in Australia, our participation is part of our wider employee-led FINEOS DEI Embrace program. This is an important and current issue in Australia; as a company with a presence in the region, we are engaged in improving outcomes for all Australians. At FINEOS, our vision is “a world where protection from illness, injury and loss is accessible to everyone” and this is this only achievable if we champion for, and work toward, more inclusivity as a society. We hope that by taking meaningful action through our products and in consultation with our customers and local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, FINEOS will help create a nation strengthened by respectful relationships and between the wider Australian community and First Nations peoples, as well as better health outcomes.  

The four RAP types — Reflect, Innovate, Stretch and Elevate — allow RAP partners to continuously develop and strengthen reconciliation commitments in new ways. The Reflect RAP is an essential first step for FINEOS to acknowledge and pay our respects to the local communities in which we operate, and to demonstrate our commitment to reconciliation by exploring how we, as an organisation, can make a positive contribution to the national reconciliation movement.   

Getting these first steps right will ensure the sustainability of future RAPs and reconciliation initiatives and provide meaningful impact toward Australia’s reconciliation journey. Through our DEI Embrace Program and the RAP framework, we will bring each FINEOS team member on a journey of learning and growth.   

We hope that the FINEOS commitment to reconciliation will inspire other similar organisations to join the RAP program and contribute toward creating a more inclusive and equitable society for all Australians. Over the next 12 months, through the actions outlined in the FINEOS RAP, we will focus on building trust and strengthening our relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, while also deepening our understanding of injustices and inequalities they have experienced.  

Learn more about National Reconciliation Week. 

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