FINEOS New Business & Underwriting Overview

The FINEOS New Business & Underwriting Solution is a cloud-native, component-based software solution that helps carriers increase revenues and profitability. It automates and streamlines workflows and decision-making in the quoting lifecycle, from initial proposal to policy inception and renewal processing.

Its intuitive user interface provides faster, more accurate proposals by enforcing underwriting guidelines and consistent decision making. Its modern, API service layers provide connectivity and simplified integration into carriers’ legacy systems, third-party core systems and enables carriers to thrive in best-of-breed digital ecosystems.



• Fast Life, Accident and Health quoting software
• Quote large group, with or without census
• Comprehensive quote and re-quote workflow


• Build, test, implement without relying on IT
• Automate complex manual and experience rating
• Award-winning, patented technology

FINEOS Underwrite

• Integrated and automated insurance underwriting software
• Efficient collaboration and communication
• Comprehensive case/review management

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A scalable rate, quote and underwrite enterprise SaaS solution that automates and streamlines workflows and decisions.

Key Benefits

Assemble plans, retrieve rates, and quickly generate quotes

Intelligent, rule-based quoting by the right user, with the right data, at the right time speeds time to market.

Configurable, no-code plans and features increase responsiveness to the market.

Easily modify rates and increase flexibility by leveraging the FINEOS insurance rating engine or by connecting to your legacy rating engine.

Increase productivity by using saved plan templates for speedy proposal and quote generation.

Consolidate  information in one place

All-inclusive, unified solution helps to eliminate duplicate data entry, reduce input errors and handoffs.

Improve efficiency by quickly and easily importing RFP and broker data.

Always connected, modern APIs better enable connection and extend capabilities with legacy systems, third party core systems and other components of the digital ecosystem.

Accelerate decision-making, improve communications and reduce risk

Easily transition your group status throughout the workflow as underwriting decisions are made.

A powerful platform that provides real-time underwriting decision making and recommendations to increase underwriting accuracy.

Increase collaboration between sales and underwriting by easily requesting additional information and upload documents to simplify IGO/NGO processing.

Ensure compliance and consistent enforcement of underwriting rules with automated tracking of all transactions.

Integration with FINEOS AdminSuite

State-of-the Art technology provides the only end-to-end integrated suite for the Employee Benefits market.

Carriers’ unique needs provide the foundation for all FINEOS products and features.

Choose and Configure product features from FINEOS AdminSuite that best meet the needs of your organization.

Out-of-the-box tools functionality and no-code configuration tools streamline conversions and accelerate implementation.

FINEOS AdminSuite

FINEOS Absence

  • Integrated with FINEOS Claims
  • Covered paid and unpaid leaves
  • Simplifies compliance
Absence Management Software

FINEOS Billing

  • Combined or separate bills
  • Reduced billing leakage
  • Automated cash application
Billing Management Solution


  • Provides straight-through processing
  • Increases accuracy and compliance
  • Covers payments and return to work
Claims Management Software

FINEOS Payments

  • Automated
  • Accurate
  • Payroll Continuity
Payments Management Solution


  • Set up cases quickly
  • Service all tiers and admin modes
  • Connect to digital ecosystem
Policy Administration System

FINEOS Provider

  • Drive outcome-orientated engagement
  • Manage service approvals
  • Accelerate rehabilitation and return to work
Provider Management Software


  • Fast Life, Accident and Health quoting
  • Extend quoting to distribution
  • Comprehensive workflow
Insurance Quoting Software


  • Real-time data manipulation
  • Automated complex rating
  • Award-wining, patented technology
Insurance Rating Software

FINEOS Underwrite

  • Integrated underwriting tools
  • Efficient collaboration
  • Comprehensive quote management
Insurance Underwriting Software