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The FINEOS Digital Platform is the comprehensive technology and business process management foundation for the FINEOS AdminSuite. The FINEOS Digital Platform enables omni-channel customer service, business process management, a “Roles and Goals” based customer experience, an extensible insurance data model supporting group, individual, and voluntary lines, process automation, actionable analytics, and device agnostic mobility.

It is cloud ready for public, private, or hybrid cloud deployment, and includes multi-tenancy and multi-language support for international organizations.

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Overview Video

View the FINEOS AdminSuite video which looks at the components of the suite including FINEOS Policy, FINEOS Billing and FINEOS Claims – all powered by the FINEOS Digital Platform.  Each component can be deployed standalone within an insurer’s existing application environment, or as part of a complete end to end suite solution, leveraging shared comprehensive customer data and process management inherent to the FINEOS Digital Platform. This flexible approach to project management and implementation enables customers to approach deployment incrementally based on readiness, comfort level, and budget to reduce risk, ensuring the benefits of an integrated suite can be immediately realized with full transformation completed on a company-specific timeline.

FINEOS Digital Platform

Life, Accident and Health insurers, where customer relationships can be complex and involve multiple stakeholders, there are numerous points of contact where service can be streamlined and improved. With over 20 years of experience working with customers in Life, Accident and Health across the globe, FINEOS understands that your employee, employer, and broker relationships require exceptional customer service. Allied to a deep insight into the connections and interactions between these stakeholders, FINEOS respects and caters to their distinctive needs and priorities.


Key Benefits

Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience

The FINEOS Digital Platform is designed to provide a better customer experience, supporting phone, web portal, email, SMS, correspondence templates, mobile apps, and paper-based customer interactions. This allows customers and stakeholders the freedom to interact when and how they choose. The FINEOS Digital Platform’s omni-channel customer service capabilities provide for a uniform experience with the same information and case management controls across all channels. FINEOS AdminSuite applications are designed to use this customer interaction layer natively, provide human workflow management and, through versatile integration technology, extend end to end processes to encompass existing third party applications.


Extensible Platform Built for Integration

The FINEOS Digital Platform underpins the FINEOS AdminSuite applications and provides a powerful configuration environment to extend these applications’ processes and create new ones. FINEOS customers use the FINEOS Digital Platform to build new applications to complement AdminSuite using our configuration tools and APIs. Our prebuilt plug-ins and the ability to create new web services through simple configuration make it easy to exchange data and services with existing applications. The FINEOS insurance data model provides the same view of product, customer, case, interaction history and any involved parties across all of our applications.

Role Based User Experience

The FINEOS Digital Platform provides users with viewpoints tailored to their specific role in the Life Accident and Health insurance environment and the goals they need to accomplish. Viewpoints supporting these roles have been prebuilt for employers, employees, and brokers with rich and relevant functionality and business processes, integrating those interactions into the core business workflows. All viewpoints can be re-skinned and branded to fit seamlessly into your corporate web presence. Viewpoints use FINEOS Digital Platform business rules, process management, and integration tools to support the user’s goals, leveraging capabilities from FINEOS AdminSuite and any pre-existing applications.


Achieve Operational Excellence

The FINEOS Digital Platform leverages a shared insurance data model to provide comprehensive reporting, predictive scoring, and process analytics consistently across the FINEOS AdminSuite. Insurers can view operational, customer demographic, and product reports using powerful dashboards. The FINEOS Digital Platform also delivers real-time predictive intelligence to identify at-risk cases, optimize work allocation and prioritization, proactively prevent leakage in claims and bills, and support any other data-based real-time decisions. FINEOS process analytics help insurers detect process bottlenecks, enforce legal and regulatory compliance, and exceed managed service levels with full audit trails.

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