An Introduction: Data-Driven Approach for Psychosocial Claims Management Models in APAC

In the APAC region, workers’ compensation and social insurers face the challenge of escalating recovery durations and costs in serious injury claims. Among various contributing factors, mental injury claims and associated psychological distress emerge as significant influencers. Research shows that recognising and addressing these psychosocial dimensions of a serious injury claim can lower costs and speed recovery.

In this video, Caroline Duffy, Product Manager and Nick Armstrong, Senior Business Consultant discuss the benefits of a data-driven approach to psychosocial claims management in the APAC region, why they chose this particular area of study, what the current situation looks like, and the statistics around return to work.

Watch these snippets and the full video below. Contact us to learn more.

Additional reading:  Download the position paper A Data-driven Approach for Psychosocial Claims Management Models

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