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FINEOS Webinar: Expect to Connect - The Next Generation of Employee Benefits Core Systems

In this 45-minute webinar, Chuck Johnston, Chief Marketing Officer at FINEOS, discusses the new business capabilities and connectivity options that a ...

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The employee benefits space is an evolving landscape marked by changes in how insurers, partners, and even competitors come together to best meet the needs of an increasingly demanding workforce. In response to this disruption, insurers are rethinking the efficacy of their core policy administration systems, looking at modern technologies and processes that can facilitate continuous best practices to support improved business models around partnerships and new business.

View this discussion on how best to support this new ecosystem of policyholders, partners and stakeholders, and what insurers should look for in next generation core administration systems.

What you’ll learn:

  • An understanding how EB multi-party sales and service models require open systems and new APIs
  • The role of industry standards and why they don’t solve the whole problem
  • The use of capabilities, patterns, and defined APIs to intelligently connect to the greater insurance ecosystem
  • Maintaining customer relationships in a multi-party service model
  • Security, privacy, and blockchain usage in an open insurance ecosystem