GroupTech Talks Podcast - Episode 002

Episode 002 | RFP Email Chaos; Managing the Madness

In the group insurance industry, there are many industry-specific complexities that must be considered when it comes to creating technology solutions that really work.

One of these complexities is the request for proposal (RFP) process, which today is still widely done via email. However, the current status quo is a painstaking, error-prone process with turnaround times taking days, or even weeks. So how can carriers in the group benefits industry manage thousands of email RFPs, while increasing their speed to market?

In this episode, GroupTech Talks host, Garrett Viggers, and guest, Ryan Sachtjen, co-founder of WatchTower will highlight the problems brokers and carriers have with email RFPs, and how carriers can seek to improve their process with modern solutions

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