GroupTech Talks Podcast - Episode 003

Episode 003 | Eliminating Multi-Entry to Process Group Enrollments Quickly and Efficiently

In this episode, Limelight Health Co-founder, Garrett Viggers is joined by Ease Co-founder, David Reid to discuss the time-consuming, error-prone issue of multi-entry during the group benefits quote to enrollment process. They discuss solutions for carriers and brokers seeking to solve this problem, and how to add value to the enrollment experience for all parties involved.

Topics Covered Include:

– Key differences for each stakeholder in the quote to enrollment process
– The impact of COVID-19 on virtual enrollments
– Creating a satisfying experience for the employee as the customer
– The negative effects of multi-entry on the quote to enrollment process
– Solutions for carriers and brokers looking to eliminate multi-entry
– How carriers can add value by creating a better user experience for brokers, employers, and employees

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