WEBINAR presented by FINEOS and DMEC

Ideally, employers and employees have a flexible relationship, one that ebbs and flows throughout the ups and downs of the realities of life. A typical employee experiences a host of life events during employment, from illnesses, to births, to caring for loved ones. In a perfect world, an employer assists an employee, providing and supporting time off and benefits. However, the reality can be more complicated as employers can often feel they are tasked with the unpleasant role of a fraud investigator and policy enforcer.


In this new frontier of paid leave laws, “any reason” leave, and flexible scheduling laws, an employer must move away from an “enforcer” mindset into a “supporter” mindset and accept that employees will regularly access their time off. In this webinar, we will discuss how employers can manage this changing landscape to support employee absence with benefits such as drop-in child and elder care, but remain mindful of blatant employee fraud. We will also cover cases where courts have supported an employee’s valid absence, even when it seemed fraudulent, as well as cases supporting an employer’s suspicions.