A Letter to Customers: How is FINEOS responding to the global pandemic?

As we all wrestle with the changing dynamic of business during this worldwide pandemic, we at FINEOS remain committed first and foremost to supporting the health, well-being, and safety of all. Our offices in Hong Kong, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States continue to work remotely to ensure social distancing recommendations. This work accommodation is not new for FINEOS as we already support a remote workforce. Remote working not only embraces our commitment to utilizing the latest technology tools but emboldens our goal to seek and retain talent from around the globe where a local office may not be available.

But the question to answer now is:

How is FINEOS responding to the global pandemic? By supporting our customers.

FINEOS has always been about prioritizing our employees and customers – it is, in fact, an essential tenant of our company Playbook. Ensuring we stay true to our purpose of, “We help our customers care for the people they serve through the delivery of superior insurance technology” we continue to push ourselves to innovate and provide the necessary tools for insurers to help their customers. To that end, I’m very proud to share the following updates.

FINEOS Virtual Exchange

We have launched the FINEOS Virtual Exchange. This global event enabled FINEOS to engage customers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and the United States in a virtual conversation. Our team of product experts – from across the globe – gathered remotely to share the latest FINEOS product updates, provide short but instructive product demonstration examples and answer live customer questions. We are pleased that so many of our customers took time from their busy day to join us. The opportunity to engage our customers during their workday to address their needs is more relevant now than ever before. Look for more regional FINEOS Virtual Exchange sessions to come. For access to the FINEOS Virtual Exchange recording, please contact us at info@FINEOS.com.

US Paid Leave Legislative Coverage and Tools

The FINEOS Paid Leave page now on FINEOS.com provides a consolidated collection of tools and resources available to our customers to help navigate the impact of the US COVID-19 legislation. Bookmark the FINEOS Paid Leave page to stay connected and informed.

US COVID-19 Leave Law Blog Series

Due to the intense focus in the US on paid leaves and legislation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our FINEOS Absence, FINEOS Claims and FINEOS IDAM teams remain vigilant in their review of all the US COVID-19 legislative implications. With the constant churn of new federal and state plans, stay informed by reading the ongoing coverage found within our US COVID-19 Paid Leave Blog page.

US COVID-19 Paid Leave Calculator

FINEOS developed and now makes available a public service application to consumers and our customers based on the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) legislation to help US consumers better understand what they may be entitled to under the new law. The US COVID-19 Paid Leave Calculator utilizes a simple approach to provide the general public a basic indication of what the legislation may offer them. It is a stateless application and maintains no personal customer information. The visitor merely answers a few FFCRA based questions and the US COVID-19 Paid Leave Calculator provides an estimate* of reimbursement opportunities.

Rapid Response Tools for New US Paid Family Leave (PFL) Plans

The near-daily changes to the US leave laws at the state and Federal level that take effect immediately or within weeks of passed legislation requires resourceful solutions. Our teams have been working around the clock to create a number of manuals, flowcharts and tools to help support our FINEOS Absence and FINEOS IDAM Solution customers in complying with imminent regulations. These tools include process charts, business process step-by-step configuration guide and a plan configuration spreadsheet and more. Contact your FINEOS project team or customer representative for more information on these tools.

Thank You

Thank you for your continued partnership with FINEOS during these challenging times. We remain committed to staying positive, staying connected and keeping our employees safe and motivated. Our FINEOS purpose remains unchanged: “We help our customers care for the people they serve through the delivery of superior insurance technology” and we hope you find this update and tools helpful. Stay connected through your FINEOS account manager and through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. And especially for US clients, please follow our US COVID-19 Paid Leave Blog page, as well as our US Paid Leave page. You can expect further updates as circumstances evolve.

Michael Kelly
FINEOS Corporation Ltd


* Disclaimer

The US COVID-19 Paid Leave Calculator and website are designed and provided with the understanding that FINEOS is not engaged in rendering legal or other professional services. This calculator is for general purposes only and may not calculate an exact paid benefit. See US COVID-19 Paid Leave Calculator for full disclaimer.

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