Providing leadership in a crisis

If ever there was a time to reflect on the ability of an organisation to pivot into a digital workforce, the era of COVID-19 is surely it.

The threat of an event that fundamentally changes the operation of an organisation or even questions whether it can survive, has been part of business continuity planning for years. These meetings, scenarios and plans are made and carefully placed in an envelope, honestly hoping that they are never to be used. While events happen locally that force us to nearly open that envelope, COVID-19 has every organisation reaching for it at the same time.

Unfortunately, this is the ultimate test of an organisation’s key planners and strategy makers.

Five years ago, FINEOS launched FINEOS Cloud which has since evolved into a key capability of the FINEOS Platform. At that time, we knew that this would deliver a multitude of benefits to our customers. Our vision was to provide a world class service and it took investment and partnership with global market leaders (AWS).

I talk to our customers about our Cloud Adoption Plan that enables FINEOS to guide and support the journey through every aspect of moving to FINEOS Cloud. This is not just for the computer type folks, the Cloud Adaption Plan looks at all inputs across business and IT such as strategy, the business case, priorities, operating models etc.

It is an integral component to ensure that the pathway to the FINEOS Cloud is smooth across the whole organisation.

We have three clear goals, make it efficient, make it quick and make it simple.

The prize for our customers is to avail of the opportunities that FINEOS Cloud presents through FINEOS suite functionality, agility, support, continuity and security.

I would like to congratulate Nationale Nederlanden in The Netherlands, who have recently transitioned successfully from using FINEOS on-premise to the FINEOS Platform on the AWS cloud. Little did we think during our Cloud Adaption Planning phase that the business continuity benefits of FINEOS Cloud would be tested in such a serious scenario.

The pathway for our customers moving to FINEOS Platform on AWS cloud is clear and well-practised now. The Cloud Adoption Plan is key to its success.

As global market leaders of core systems in the Life, Accident and Health Insurance market, it is our job at FINEOS to ensure that we provide leadership to our customers in all circumstances – in this instance, I’m happy to say that FINEOS Platform delivers.

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