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The business environment for employee benefit insurers today is characterized by the disruption caused by the expansion of private exchanges. Many employees can now select personalized plans from a range of benefit options available through exchanges. Insurers have responded by launching new products and plans and entering new markets. However, as most insurance admin systems were designed to handle either Group or Voluntary insurance, many are not able to handle these new hybrid products where employees may get a basic plan and ‘buy up’.

FINEOS understands the challenges that insurers face whether you serve Voluntary, Group, or Individual insurance or a combination of the three. We have over 20 years’ experience solving problems for Group & Worksite Benefit insurers, we know that there are only partial remedies available which led us to evolve our product strategy and develop a next generation system – the FINEOS AdminSuite, a single unified platform with full service Policy, Claims and Billing.

FINEOS for Group and Worksite Benefits

  • Long Term Disability
  • Long Term Care
  • Critical Illness/Cancer
  • Life Insurance
  • Non-insurance Benefits
  • Absence Management
  • Dental/Vision
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • AD&D/ Accident

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