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Is Paid Family Leave the Tipping Point for Digital Absence Management

In this 45-minute webinar, Randi Simmons, AVP of Absence at FINEOS, outlines the challenges presented by new Paid Family Leave laws and introduce software that can solve the challenges of today while being ready to handle the ever evolving changes around Paid Family Leave, and Absence Management in general, in the future.

FINEOS Webinar: Mitigating Risk with Integrated Disability & Absence Management

In this 45 minute webinar, Steven McGonagle, AVP Product Management for FINEOS, discusses the key benefits of an integrated disability and absence management solution, specifically as they relate to ensuring compliance, including: Centrally managing all statutory and employer leave information Easily capturing and maintaining uniqueness and complexities of various leave plans Accessing continuously updated, current …

FINEOS Webinar: Why Are You Not a Digital Insurer?

Listen to Jonathan Boylan, Chief Technology Officer for FINEOS, who examines why Life and Health insurers lag behind other industries in digital service and shows how you can leverage the FINEOS Insurance Cloud today to shake off your legacy shackles.

FINEOS Webinar: Optimizing Billing Systems to Compete in a Challenging Market

Group insurers that want to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace realize that they must satisfy customer expectations with quality service and continual product development. As agents and clients demand user-friendly, self-service capabilities, savvy insurance companies are updating and streamlining their key customer-facing applications, especially billing systems. Listen to this webinar to learn how a flexible and responsive ...