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Employee Benefits Carriers Keep Spreadsheets from Killing Profitability

Spreadsheets are invaluable tools for group insurance actuaries, underwriters, sales representatives, and brokers in the employee benefits market. However, they are not scalable tools that enable data integration, seamless processes, or increased efficiencies. This white paper looks at why the spreadsheet has come to dominate processes, the costs of that domination, and how to overcome …


Group Insurers Eliminate Siloed Workflows to Increase Productivity

Group Insurance carriers suffer under the burden of siloed systems born of decades-old technologies. In this white paper, we examine how the resulting siloed workflows crimp efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction, and what carriers gain by adopting modern solutions for quoting, rating, and underwriting that provide an integrated source of data truth that serves the …


Group Insurance Quoting: Building RFPs - FINEOS White Paper

This white paper discusses the challenges a reliance on email injects into the RFP process. Learn how implementing a modern quoting solution to enable a steady stream of up-to-date information between the broker and carrier not only simplifies RFP processes, but also reduces the costs of doing business while providing the speed, accuracy and levels …


White Paper: FINEOS Platform - New Zealand Data Privacy Considerations

This whitepaper seeks to assist New Zealand-based organisations understanding of how the FINEOS Platform offering allows them to address the key information privacy principles outlined in the Privacy Act 2020, and assist them in meeting their privacy obligations described in the act. FINEOS recommend readers of this whitepaper also review the AWS’ published whitepaper Using …