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FINEOS White Paper: Overcome Digital Transformation Distress

Digital has become one of the most over-loaded words in the English language, meaning very different things in different contexts. Insurers have been digital since the first policy was recorded on  magnetic drum or tape in the 1960s. Oddly enough, insurers now lag considerably behind other industries in their digital maturity and stage of adoption. Despite the challenges, LA&H insurers are putting more comprehensive digital strategies into ...


CEO Perspective: Core Systems of Differentiation to Deliver 360 Service in the Digital Age

Over the past fifty years we have enjoyed incredible computer technology advances, bringing huge benefits to the way we live and work. However, a concerning issue for the insurance industry has to be the many core software systems in back office environments that were originally designed and written for the IBM System/360 and subsequent mainframe generations. Granted, a lot of this software …


FINEOS Perspective: Slow Learners or a Different Class?

The perception we develop of the computer systems we use has several influences: Does it do what we want? Is it easy to access? Is it fast? Is it pretty? Most of all perhaps we judge a system by what it feels like to use. In the technical world we call this the ‘User Experience’, a term covering a variety of considerations and shortened, as is obligatory for technical terms these days, to ‘UX’. Designers of apps and consumer oriented ...


Novarica Report: Overcoming the Challenges of Life Insurance Billing

Group insurers are facing several challenges, including a competitive market for group life and voluntary benefits/worksite products, the emergence of private exchanges as a new distribution channel and increased agent and customer demands for self-service capabilities. IT leaders at group insurers are looking to modernize their aging core systems to better support rapid product development and increased customer expectations. While interest ...