FINEOS Claims for Disability Insurance

FINEOS Claims for Disability Insurance is a comprehensive software solution designed to enable carriers to easily navigate the complex and highly-regulated claims landscape of Short and Long-Term Disability Insurance for groups and individuals. Its integrated approach with FINEOS Absence, Policy, Payments and Provider coupled with its unified, state of the art  technology platform delivers the …


FINEOS Vlog - Employee Benefits

Chuck Johnston, Chief Marketing Officer, FINEOS, on the future of the Employee Benefits Market, service-based offerings and how core systems need to support new offerings, referencing two recent reports published by Novarica and LIMRA.

Customer Case Study: Friends First – Enhanced Customer Service and Operational Efficiency (German)

Friends First und FINEOS verbindet eine langjährige Beziehung, die bis in das Jahr 1998 zurückreicht, als das FINEOS Crm & Workflow System eingeführt wurde. Diese FINEOS-Produktlösung wurde verbessert und in FINEOS Front Office umbenannt, und ist seit über zehn Jahren Bestandteil der Aktivitäten von Friends First. Es lässt sich problemlos in die Back-End-Richtlinien- und Systemverwaltungssysteme von Friends First integrieren.


Life is More Complete in a Suite

Listen to Dan Watt, VP Product Marketing, FINEOS in this webinar where he shares ways to leverage the FINEOS AdminSuite, the only suite purpose built for the Employee Benefits industry. Dan focuses on three ways to drive superior performance across: customer service revenue management product development Learn how modern suite technology built for your industry …

FINEOS Absence Datasheet

Comprehensive Absence Management Adds Value to Employer Relationships In an era of talent shortages and expanding benefits packages, employers are becoming more proactive in order to understand the trends in the workforce which impact employee engagement and productivity. Insurers have a unique opportunity to do this by providing integrated insights regarding one of the most …


FINEOS Billing Datasheet

FINEOS Billing is a complete software solution designed to support the insurance billing system and premium reconciliation processes for Life, Accident and Health insurance products. Purpose built for the Employee Benefits market, the FINEOS Billing management solution supports policies at both the group and member level. Its cutting edge, customer-centric design provides the ultimate flexibility …


FINEOS Claims Datasheet

Today’s insurance marketing begins where the insurance value chain ends — Claims. Superior claims service in a socially-transparent, search-engine culture can boost brand awareness and improve customer experience ratings. FINEOS Claims management software places maximum functionality into the most user-friendly and versatile claims integration package available. It allows insurers to unify all claims systems and …


FINEOS Payments Datasheet

Integrate and Simplify Payments Across Systems FINEOS Payments provides a comprehensive payment and disbursement software solution designed specifically for the Life, Accident and Health insurance market. Digitally-optimized and built on one of the most technically sophisticated platforms available, FINEOS Payments ensures the employee and all beneficiaries receive timely, accurate, and explained payments. FINEOS Payments integrates … ...


FINEOS Policy Datasheet

FINEOS Policy offers the most comprehensive policy administration software solution in the industry. Life, Accident and Health insurance products and policies are supported at both the group and member level. Digitally-optimized, fully configurable modules are architected to provide customer-centric views, enable self-service and ensure superior service delivery. FINEOS Policy Administration Software Key Features:  Pre-built configurable ...


FINEOS Provider Datasheet

Integrated Solutions + Enriched Information + Powerful Technology = Competitive Advantage FINEOS Provider is a comprehensive provider administration and management software solution designed specifically for the unique needs of the life, annuities and health insurance industry. Its integrated approach with FINEOS Claims and FINEOS Payments coupled with its unified, state of the art technology platform, …



FINEOS IDAM – Integrated Disability and Absence Management FINEOS IDAM is a single point of intake and control for disability and absence management, coupled with integrated correspondence and reporting that reduces costs associated with work redundancy, compliance and managing outcomes. Integration helps organizations use data strategically to gain analytical insights that improve decision making. FINEOS …


FINEOS Responds to COVID-19

We remain committed to staying positive, motivated and connected. Listen to Michael Kelly, CEO, FINEOS discuss how we are supporting our customers in this video.

The genesis of FINEOS AdminSuite - a shared vision

How FINEOS and Cigna collaborated from 2015 to build FINEOS AdminSuite on the FINEOS Platform for Employee Benefits. “The real catalyst was to eliminate those legacy systems to have one joined-up process around all of their business end to end from the business perspective. And also, we could both see that absence management was going …

Opening Remarks

Chuck Johnston, Chief Marketing Officer, FINEOS welcomes attendees to the inaugural FINEOS Virtual Exchange and outlines the agenda for the day.

FINEOS Strategy Update

Michael Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, FINEOS, discusses the FINEOS company strategy including dealing with the challenges of COVID-19, the FINEOS Playbook and future product releases.

FINEOS Platform Update

Eoin Kirwan, Head of Product, FINEOS, provides an update on the FINEOS Platform. The FINEOS Platform seamlessly blends FINEOS AdminSuite + FINEOS Engage + FINEOS Insight + Platform Capabilities to create the most modern single core insurance platform for Life, Accident and Health. Legacy core systems utilized a ‘one size fits all’ business technology approach … Continued


Megan Holstein, Esq., SVP Absence and Claims Product and Rob Say, Product Manager provide an overview of the FINEOS IDAM Solution. The FINEOS IDAM Solution simplifies the complex process of absence management with integrated disability claims and absence management, policy, payments, and tasks, to improve engagement and user experience. The FINEOS IDAM Solution holistically addresses …


Christy Traupe, Product Market Manager and Barry Duffy, Product Manager present FINEOS Claims: Key Elements for Automatic Claims Processing. FINEOS insurance claims management software is the leading Life, Accident and Health customer-centric, web-based claims processing software. Used globally by over 50 insurance organizations, our claims tracking software supports both group and individual claims on a …

FINEOS AdminSuite

Dan Watt, VP Product Marketing and Alison Carter, Product Manager present the FINEOS AdminSuite. The only modern component-based group and individual core system for Life, Accident and Health on a single technology platform, FINEOS AdminSuite provides: Distinct Focus – a core system purpose built for Life, Accident, and Health that provides consistent and accurate data, …

FINEOS Policy and Billing

Shouldn’t your core administration system provide true efficiency and automation? FINEOS Policy is the complete policy administration solution for an insurer’s single source of truth, managing the full lifecycle and all transactions and interactions at both group and member level. FINEOS Billing is the complete insurance premium billing and reconciliation management solution that supports all …


Handle With Care: Managing Absence in an Era of Leave Entitlement

WEBINAR presented by FINEOS and DMEC Ideally, employers and employees have a flexible relationship, one that ebbs and flows throughout the ups and downs of the realities of life. A typical employee experiences a host of life events during employment, from illnesses, to births, to caring for loved ones. In a perfect world, an employer …