Engage and Retain the New Mobile Consumer with VIEWPOINTS

Steve Dorn, SVP Strategic Product Group, FINEOS If you’re reading this blog, there is a 58% chance you are doing it on smart phone or mobile device according to a contracted survey by Google.  In their recent survey the findings show that smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives.  In the survey … Continued

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The Perpetual Business Case

Guy McClintock, Solution Architect Stream Lead, FINEOS Recently I was involved in discussions related to framing a business case for a claims replacement project. The conversation centred around the return on investment that the new claims system would bring. Naturally we discussed the hard benefits which could be turned into a tangible dollar and cent … Continued

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Day 1 - Go Live, Day 2 - Upgrade: Do You Have a Plan for Day 2?

Korie Jackson, Technical Consultant Stream Lead NA, FINEOS Have you ever heard the expression “Projects end, but upgrades are forever”? You probably haven’t because that’s what just came to my mind when thinking about the long term effects of a product implementation. But it still holds true – Return on investment (ROI) is unlocked only … Read More

Who's Involved in your Integrations?

Rahul Nipunge, Senior Technical Consultant, North America, FINEOS In this current era of software development, being able to integrate to other systems is a critical success factor to almost all projects. You typically cannot implement a project without any integrations or having a Service Oriented Architecture. While integrations often drive the success of a project … Read More

How Standard Business Processes Can Save Time and Money

Dave Lennon, Business Consulting Team Lead for North America, FINEOS What’s the saying again – ‘Time is Money and Money is Time’. From a business point of view, both are what we are trying to save. So how can a bunch of boring old processes help us do that? It’s simple really, when you take … Continued

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Does Off-the-Shelf Insurance Mean Out-of-the-Box Claims?

Colm O’Connor, Business Consultancy Practice Lead, FINEOS For many years it has been an increasingly familiar sight to see financial products and, in particular, insurance products being advertised in the retail sector, mainly within supermarkets at the checkout counter.  This off-the-shelf buying is associated with impulse buys and the product placement is being driven by … Read More

Claims Data as an Offensive Weapon?

Tim Crossley, London Market Sales Manager, FINEOS I had the pleasure of attending the recent Verisk Insurance Symposium in London.  Verisk put on a great show and certainly demonstrated their commitment to the London Market.  I decided to attend because of my interest in the link between better quality claims data and more accurate Catastrophe … Continued

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London Market - How Can Syndicated Insurance Continue to Thrive?

Rob Say, Professional Services Consultant, FINEOS I recently attended an insurance technology conference (TINTech 2013) and was involved in several discussions on claims management and future developments in the London Market.  Something nagged at me during the day and I realised that we didn’t actually step back and look at why the London Market exists … Read More

What's the Scope of your Project?

Guy McClintock, Solution Architect Stream Lead, FINEOS A couple of weeks ago I was having a coffee with my brother in law and I asked him what the worst part of his job was.  Without even hesitating he blurted out the phrase ‘scope creep’!  I thought he was joking; he is in a different industry … Continued

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What is an Interface? (And Why You Should Care)

Rob Say, Professional Services Consultant, FINEOS This is not about programming; this is about your business. All my work ultimately comes down to one group of people talking to another group of people about something the other needs to know or do. Sometimes things get stored on computers, sometimes we get the computers to help … Continued

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Listening to Your Users

Neil Kelly, Solution Architect, FINEOS Do You Listen To Your Users? New claims management solutions, and indeed any large IT exercise, are driven by senior individuals in an organisation, often at a VP or executive level, who have specific organisational goals for the project.  Middle management is often involved but has a remit from senior … Continued

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Using Heuristics to Achieve Better Claims Outcomes

Michael Kelly, CEO, FINEOS Written for The Protection Review Claims assessors or handlers in the Protection industry gather a wealth of data and information during their triage and assessment of a claim and interactions with the claim-related participants.  This information is generally recorded against the individual claim record. While management information capability from the claims … Read More

Thinking Inside the Box

Guy McClintock, Solution Architect Stream Lead, FINEOS At the start of every FINEOS implementation there is an oft heard mantra “we want to stay close to base product”.  As a product company, FINEOS is at the forefront of pushing this mantra. Within FINEOS over the past five to ten years we have lived and breathed … Continued

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Striking the Balance at Claim Time

Fergal Heffernan, Customer Engagement Manager – EMEA, FINEOS I believe that an insurance claim presents an opportunity for insurers to save money, retain customers and gain more market share. This might initially sound counter intuitive: how can an event that costs money then save you money and help your sales? Insurers know that they are … Continued

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Zen Desks

Eoin Kirwan, VP Product Management, FINEOS While I was touring a customer’s claims department recently, I had a nagging sensation that something was missing.  Then it struck me.  Clutter.  There was no clutter. In claims departments we have become used to workspace partitions festooned with checklists, reminders, look-up tables and more.  Pictures of the kids … Continued

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When is a Claim Really a Claim?

Colm O’Connor, Business Consultancy Team Lead EMEA, FINEOS On a daily basis hundreds of thousands of different insurance claims are registered across multiple lines of business via an ever-increasing set of communication mediums. This continuously expanding volume of data prompts many questions for the insurance industry; not least a potential need to more clearly define … Read More

Rolling Out New Products on Your Claims Solution

David Culhane, Solution Architect, FINEOS You’ve identified a new insurance product that you want to bring to market.  Actuarial, Legal and Marketing have completed their due diligence, and the final hurdle to product launch is to ensure your claims department can process new claims.  The natural tendency for an insurer is to aim for sophisticated … Read More

Data Migrations - To Migrate Or Not to Migrate, That is the Question

Eoghan Kelly, Technical Consultant, FINEOS Recently I was asked for my opinion on Data Migration or better known on projects as ‘Data Conversion’. Having worked on migrations for approximately twelve years, I will try and share the best kept secrets to a successful migration. The goal is to keep the following information on data migration … Read More

Claims Solutions: 'Buy It In' or 'Grow Your Own'?

Rob Say, Professional Services Consultant, FINEOS Here’s a question; Insurance is fundamentally a mechanism for transferring risk – how can you apply that expertise in a claims solution decision? I’ve recently been involved in a number of discussions in the London Market on the solution choices between ‘grow your own’ and ‘buy a product’ (and here’s the … Read More

Private Cloud Computing - Viva Moore's Law

Michael Quinn, Chief Technology Architect, FINEOS For a myriad of reasons most insurers are not moving their core systems to public cloud in the next 3-5 years.  However, insurers are adopting private cloud computing.  Our customers today are running FINEOS Claims in private clouds with others planning to transform how they deliver IT services by … Continued

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FINEOS Perspective: Who is a London Market Claims System For?

Tim Crossley, London Market Sales Manager, FINEOS What should occur when claims are made?  Shouldn’t the supporting technology be providing value to clients and claims handlers alike?  A recent launch press release by a technology vendor didn’t mention the client once. The friendly, face-to-face approach to claims has a lot going for it.  It’s been … Read More

Collaborative Project Delivery & Your Claims Solution: Recipes for Success When Working with Your Supplier

Rob Say, Professional Services Consultant, FINEOS Every customer I’ve worked with has been subtly different both in terms of the business (what the customer does) and their operation (how they do it), but each project has common challenges.  The supplier selection process should mean that you’re choosing the best fit for your business but it’s … Read More

Would You Straight-Through Process a Life Claim?

Colm O’Connor, Business Consultancy Practice Lead, FINEOS Straight-through processing of claims is increasingly common.  From windscreen damage claims in the P&C market to automated approvals for pregnancy claims within the Disability market, insurers appear increasingly willing to automate higher volumes of claims using zero-touch or straight-through processing. Within the Life insurance market, however, this is … Read More

Disability and Life Claims - Hiding Complexity

James Hehir, Product Manager for Disability and Life Claims Many disability and life insurers (and TPAs for these) manage their claims on a system with CRM/workflow origins. The natural forte of such systems tends to include the likes of creating automatic reminders for the claims analyst, facilitating the recording of claim correspondence, administering and applying … Read More